What boat sank on Bering Sea Gold? [Solved] (2022)

What boat sank on Bering Sea Gold?

Friday's “Bering Sea Gold” may just spell the end for the Myrtle Irene. In a sneak peek of the episode obtained by TheWrap, onlookers watch in horror as Kerr sends out a desperate call: “Mayday Mayday! Myrtle Irene is in catastrophic dire failure!” We — and Discovery Channel — teased the scary scene back in March.... read more ›

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Did the Myrtle Irene sink on Bering Sea Gold?

In 2018, the mining vessel was damaged as team members attempted to pull it out of the water. "The frickin' back of the barge is on the ground," Ken told the camera. "Our back end's hitting the bottom now. We're sunk."... view details ›

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Did Shawn buy the Myrtle Irene?

But Ken Kerr is nowhere to be seen so far in Season 10, and many of us are wondering what happened to him. Ken Kerr and Shawn Pomrenke have been adversaries for years, but now Shawn is taking over Ken's beloved (albeit sometimes finicky) Myrtle Irene.... continue reading ›

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What happened to Myrtle Irene operator?

The incident occurred at the end of October 2018, when a pair of sisters, and their friend, were driving along the Port Road in Nome and struck a cable extended across the road. One end of the cable was attached to a construction loader, the other was attached to an iconic Bering Sea Gold dredge, the Myrtle Irene.... view details ›

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What happened to Brad Kelly?

Kelly was sentenced to 4 years behind bars, with 3 of those years being suspended. His lawyer says Kelly could be released after 8 months ... as long as he keeps his nose clean behind bars. Once he's out, he'll be on probation for 5 years. Corrections officials tell us Kelly has been in custody since Feb.... view details ›

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Where is Scott Meisterheim today?

KALAMAZOO, MI - In his lifetime, Scott Meisterheim has been a home builder, worked in the Alaskan oil fields and, at one point, gained some fame as a villain on the Discovery Channel's "Bering Sea Gold." Now, he is a wanted man in Kalamazoo.... read more ›

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Who owns the Myrtle Irene now?

It is owned by Arctic Sea Mining, LLC and its registered home port is Nome, Alaska, USA. This excavator dredge mining barge is introduced and featured since the 2018 season 10 in Bering Sea Gold, a Discovery Channel USA reality TV show on sea mining for gold in Alaska.... see details ›

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How much does Kris Kelly make on Bering Sea Gold?

Shawn's Bering Sea Gold salary

His co-star Kris Kelly is thought to get paid around $15K per episode, but each cast member's salary ranges between $10,000 to $25,000. Brad Kelly is thought to make more though, at $65K.... view details ›

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What is Ken Kerr doing now?

Captain Ken Kerr is the owner of Arctic Sea and Arctic Gold Mining according to IMDb. His dredge mining vessel features on the show – Myrtle Irene. Ken spent over a million dollars on upgrades for Myrtle Irene including generators, pumps and more.... read more ›

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What happened to Shawn Pomrenkes?

In season one, Shawn was stabbed in the back during a bar fight and taken to the hospital for a few days. Offscreen, and never openly discussed on the show was the fact that Shawn had been cited for multiple DUIs, all within a few years of each other.... see more ›

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Where does Emily Riedel live?

As captain of the “Eroica,” Riedel spends nearly half her year dredging for gold in the Bering Sea off the coast of Nome, Alaska, where she currently resides.... continue reading ›

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How big is the Myrtle Irene?

Along with business partner Dave Young, Ken has helped to build the Arctic Sea and Arctic Gold Mining Companies, two massive mining operations on sea and on land, respectively. Their dredge, the 120-foot Myrtle Irene is currently the largest in Nome and their inland mine is currently one of the largest in the country.... view details ›

What boat sank on Bering Sea Gold? [Solved] (2022)

What happened to Zeke's girlfriend on Bering Sea Gold?

After beginning a relationship with Zeke, Sarah agreed to visit Nome for a few weeks but ended up loving it so much she stayed. They two have also not made any public appearances of late and neither has updated their social media accounts for quite some time, so it's a mystery if these two are still together.... view details ›

Who bought Nome Gold?

Ownership of nearly 9,000 acres of mining leases and 380 patented mining claims mostly located within the City of Nome has changed from Nome Gold Alaska to Arctic Gold Mining LLC.... view details ›

What crab boats have sunk in the Bering Sea?

The Big Valley was a 92-foot (28 m) crabber boat. The vessel capsized and sank Saturday, January 15, 2005, in the Bering Sea in an area 70 miles (110 km) west of Saint Paul Island, Alaska.
FV Big Valley.
United States
Capacity31 pots
13 more rows

What happened to the Big Valley crab boat?

The Big Valley was a 92-foot (28 m) crabber boat. The vessel capsized and sank Saturday, January 15, 2005, in the Bering Sea in an area 70 miles (110 km) west of Saint Paul Island, Alaska. Only one member of the crew survived: Cache Seel, 30.... see more ›

What happened to destination crab boat?

An investigation by The Seattle Times found the owner of the Destination failed to follow through on a recommendation to have an updated stability test conducted by a naval architect. An analysis later found that the sea bottom weighed 840 pounds, which failed to meet federal stability regulations due to a large load.... view details ›

Was the fishing boat destination ever found?

The wreckage of the fishing vessel Destination, which sank in the Bering Sea in February, has been found, the U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday. A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel found the wreckage earlier this month, northwest of St.... see details ›

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