Is Hubbard Glacier near Juneau? (2023)

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Is Hubbard Glacier near Juneau?

The distance between Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier (Lingít: Sít' Tlein) is a glacier located in Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve in eastern Alaska and Kluane National Park and Reserve in Yukon, Canada, and named after Gardiner Hubbard. › wiki › Hubbard_Glacier
and Juneau is 217 miles. How long does it take to get from Hubbard Glacier to Juneau? It takes approximately 3h 1m to get from Hubbard Glacier to Juneau, including transfers.

What is the closest glacier to Juneau?

Mendenhall, one of the most beautiful and accessible glaciers in North America, is just 13 miles from downtown Juneau and a few minutes from the airport. It's a must-see destination for any Alaska vacation.

What city is Hubbard Glacier near?

HUBBARD GLACIER: Flowing over 75 miles and calving into the sea with a face 6 miles wide, this glacier near Yakutat is the longest tidewater glacier in North America.

Can you see Hubbard Glacier from cruise ship?

Hubbard is one of the largest glaciers to be seen on an Alaska cruise. It sits over 300 feet above the water and is 6 miles wide. However, cruise ships are limited by the sea ice on how close they can get and you only get to see half the glacier.

Is Hubbard Glacier worth seeing?

Most Alaska glacier cruises have at least one itinerary that includes a visit to the famous Hubbard Glacier. The good thing about Hubbard Glacier is that it's so big you can't miss it as your cruise ship sails by it. Hubbard Glacier in Alaska is a remarkable sight that you don't want to miss on your trip up North.

Is Juneau walkable from cruise ship?

Juneau is a very walkable city. Most cruise ships dock right in downtown, and visitors can leave the ship and walk all throughout downtown, shopping and exploring. There are some attractions that are outside of downtown area. To reach those, a tour or taxi are a great option.

How far is it from cruise port to Mendenhall Glacier?

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center is located approximately 13 miles from downtown Juneau and cruise ship docks. There are several transportation options from the Juneau cruise ship docks.

What makes Hubbard Glacier special?

Hubbard Glacier is the longest tidewater glacier in North America. Roughly 76 miles long and as tall as a 30-story building, Hubbard Glacier is as large as the state of Rhode Island and is the biggest glacier you can see from a cruise ship.

How do you get to the Hubbard Glacier?

You cannot reach the Hubbard Glacier by car. Unless you have a private boat, you will need to join an Alaska cruise to see the Hubbard Glacier. Or, you can take a scenic flight-seeing tour and witness the ancient glacier from the air.

What area is Hubbard Glacier in?

Located in south-central Alaska north of Yakutat, with its origins in Yukon Territory, Canada, Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America.

How much does Hubbard Glacier cost?

Rates for Hubbard Glacier tour

$230 per person, plus applicable taxes (four-person minimum).

Which ships go to Hubbard Glacier?

Cruise lines that visit Hubbard Glacier: Almost every cruise line that cruises in Alaska includes Hubbard Glacier on at least one itinerary — often on one-way sailings or longer round-trip cruises. The list includes small- and medium-ship cruise lines like Windstar and Lindblad.

Which side of ship is best for Glacier Bay?

When cruising by a glacier, there is no need to worry about which side of the ship is best. In Glacier Bay National Park and Hubbard Glacier, the captain will turn the ship to give equal viewing to both sides.

What is the prettiest part of Glacier National Park?

The main attraction in Glacier National Park is the Going-To-The-Sun Road. The Sun Road is 50 miles long from West Glacier on the West Side to Saint Mary on the East Side. The West Side encompasses 35 miles of this Road and will provide you with the more scenic and picturesque drive.

What is the most scenic part of Glacier National Park?

Going-to-the-Sun Road is not only the most scenic drive in Glacier National Park, it's also one of the most beautiful drives in the United States. For 50 miles, this road twists and turns through the mountains and over the Continental Divide.

What is the most scenic drive in Glacier National Park?

Going-to-the-Sun Road is a highlight not to be missed during your Glacier visit. The Road spans 50 miles and crosses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass. During your traverse you will see impressive glaciers, beautiful valleys, cascading waterfalls, towering mountains and colorful wildflowers.

What is the best side of a cruise ship for an Alaskan cruise?

Northbound Alaska cruises sail up the coastline through the Inside Passage and along Hubbard Glacier, so your best view of Alaska's scenic landmasses are likely on the starboard side of the ship.

How do you get around Juneau without a car?

Call a cab.

The public bus system in Juneau might work for a few errands around town, but it stops short of some important landmarks, like the ferry terminal. So if you have a place you need to go, especially if it's a one-way trip, calling a taxi is always a good option.

Is it better to get a balcony on an Alaskan cruise?

“If ever there was a cruise itinerary built for a balcony, it's an Alaskan cruise. The landscapes are incredible and there's a high probability you'll see whales. We recommend you find a room with a balcony and avoid the inside staterooms.

Can I go to Mendenhall Glacier on your own?

While many people go to Mendenhall Glacier with a tour group or on a shore excursion, you can also get to the glacier on your own. You can take a taxi from Juneau, drive to the glacier with a rental car, or take the city bus to Glacier Spur Road and walk the rest of the way (1.5 miles).

Can you see Mendenhall Glacier without a tour?

Ice Caves at Mendenhall Glacier

There are public access trails to the ice caves at the park, but enter at your own risk if trekking alone. Though spectacular, it's recommended that glaciers should only be explored with a professional guide. Tours of the ice caves are offered from July through September.

What is the entry fee for Mendenhall Glacier?

There is a $5 entrance fee for 16 & over at the visitor center during summer months (May 1 to September 30) when the visitor center is open from 8:00am-7:30pm daily. Winter (October to April) is free (no fee required) and visitor center hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Is Hubbard Glacier in the Inside Passage?

The Inside Passage with Hubbard Glacier offers a balanced itinerary built with repeat cruisers in mind. Passengers experience the unparalleled scenery of southeast Alaska while enjoying plenty of time on board to indulge in their ship's many amenities.

Is Hubbard Glacier part of Glacier Bay?

Hubbard Glacier is not in Glacier Bay National Park. The glacier is located north of Glacier Bay National Park at the tip of Disenchantment Bay, inside Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Cruise itineraries that do not include Glacier Bay often include Hubbard Glacier instead.

What is the weather at Hubbard Glacier?

Weather report for Hubbard Glacier

There is a high chance of Precipitation near 70%. Temperature highs are likely to reach 32 °F. The whole day blows a light breeze (4 to 8 mph). Gusts to 22 mph are possible.

What kind of glacier is Hubbard Glacier?

Tidewater/Mountain glacier

Is Hubbard Glacier still advancing?

Hubbard Glacier is the largest of eight calving glaciers in Alaska that are currently increasing in total mass and advancing.

What is the altitude of Hubbard Glacier?

The Hubbard glacier is approximately 6 to 7 miles wide at the front and is 300 to 400 feet from the top to sea level.

What town is closest to glacier?

Columbia Falls is the closest legitimate town near Glacier National Park, and the number of options for Columbia Falls hotels has grown a lot within the past few years. It continues to get prettier and prettier the more tourists head to this area.

Is Hubbard Glacier largest in the world?

Located between Alaska and Yukon Bay in Canada, Hubbard is one of the largest glaciers in the world.

What town is Glacier Bay near?

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve lies west of Juneau, Alaska, and can only be reached by plane or boat. The only road in the area merely connects the small town of Gustavus and its airfield to park headquarters at Bartlett Cove (10 miles).

How fast is Hubbard Glacier melting?

Because calving speed increases rapidly with water depth, the increasing calving flux soon exceeds the mass flux out of the accumulation area, and an irreversible retreat begins. The rate of retreat often approaches 100ma 1. Hubbard Glacier retreated at an average rate of 80ma 1 between 1130 and 1891.

Can you walk on Glacier Bay?

The long stretch of shoreline south of the Bartlett Cove docks allows for a pleasant stroll. You could walk for miles. An extended hike to Point Gustavus (six miles one way) can be completed in a full day. Low tide reveals a myriad of intertidal life.

How much is the glacier cruise?

Glacier Quest Cruise: May 20 – September 10, 2023
Glacier Quest Cruise 2023 SeasonAdult Fare (ages 12+)
Self-Drive Glacier Quest Cruise$173.95 ($149 + $24.95 tax/fees)
Coach with Glacier Quest Cruise$262.95 ($238 + $24.95 tax/fees)
Rail with Glacier Quest Cruise$298.95 ($274 + $24.95 tax/fees)
Mar 24, 2023

Can you see glaciers in Alaska by cruise ship?

Almost every cruise to Alaska includes a visit to a tidewater glacier, glaciers which flow into the ocean, often with powerful calving.

Do you get off the cruise ship at Glacier Bay?

While you won't disembark from your cruise ship, it is likely that you will spend much of the day on deck capturing photos and making lifelong memories. Much like the rest of Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park may reach temperatures anywhere between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit during cruise season.

Where are the best and worst cabins on a cruise ship?

Best "Low-Motion" cabins

The "best cabins for seasickness" are located at the ship's edges (top decks, bow, and stern). The worst area in the front section, as the bow is first hit by waves. Higher deck front cabins fell more the up and down motion, while for the aft cabins the motion is less noticeable.

What deck level is best on a cruise ship?

The best deck on a cruise ship to avoid seasickness is the lowest passenger deck. This is because the top of a ship sways from side to side much more than the bottom. To avoid motion sickness, choose a cabin close to the waterline.

Is it worth it to upgrade to a balcony on a cruise?

Balcony cabins on cruise ships are more spacious due to the outside space. They have spectacular ocean views, fresh sea air, and a private seating area. Although these cabins are more expensive, the rewards of a private balcony sometimes outweigh the cost. If it fits within your budget, balcony cabins are worth it!

What not to miss when visiting Glacier National Park?

Saint Mary Lake, with its tour boats and iconic island—Wild Goose Island—is worth stopping for. Have some lunch, take a boat ride, go for a paddle or just soak up the views of glacial-carved valleys. The east side of Glacier Park has a unique wildness we love.

What should you not miss at Glacier National Park?

Popular hike trails here include Grinnell Glacier, Grinnell Lake, Iceberg Lake, Cracker Lake, and the Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail. Visitors can also take a boat tour of Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine with Glacier Park Boat Company.

Which is the best entrance Glacier?

West Glacier, Montana is the most popular entrance to Glacier National Park. Its proximity and easy access to Glacier International Airport in Kalispell makes it the best place to start or end your trip.

What is the best town to stay in when visiting Glacier National Park?

Columbia Falls is the best town to stay in when you're visiting Glacier National Park as it's the closest one to the park and it offers many facilities and amazing hotels like North Forty Resort.

Which side of Glacier should I stay on?

The east side of Glacier National Park is generally drier, cooler and windier than the rest of the park. The base elevation is higher and the valleys are wider. That makes for some epic scenery and outstanding adventuring. Here are some of our favorite spots on the east side.

What is the famous drive in Glacier National Park?

Drawing visitors from far and wide, a drive on the Going-to-the-Sun Road is a must-do in Glacier National Park. It's a spectacular 50-mile road that winds over passes, crosses the Continental Divide and travels through incredibly varied terrain—from glacial lakes to jagged cliffs.

What is the most photographed place in Glacier National Park?

Lake McDonald is one of the most famous photo spots in Glacier National Park, and it's for good reason. From the lake you can get gorgeous reflections, amazing sunrises and sunsets, and stunning mountain views.

Is it better to stay on the east or west side of Glacier National Park?

You'll also be near the Many Glacier area of the park. In fact, if you stay in West Glacier, it will take you over 2 hours one-way to get to Many Glacier! This makes staying on the east side of the park the best option if you are visiting the area solely for Glacier National Park.

What are the busiest days at Glacier National Park?

May through September is the busiest part of the year, with about three million people visiting during each summer season. The parking areas at popular destinations, like Logan Pass and Avalanche Creek, begin filling before sunrise and remain congested for most of the day.

Can I get to Mendenhall Glacier on my own?

While many people go to Mendenhall Glacier with a tour group or on a shore excursion, you can also get to the glacier on your own. You can take a taxi from Juneau, drive to the glacier with a rental car, or take the city bus to Glacier Spur Road and walk the rest of the way (1.5 miles).

Is Mendenhall Glacier worth seeing?

The view of the 377-foot waterfall with the glacier in the background is breathtaking – and it is as close as you can get to the glacier short of taking a tour to actually walk on it. One of the most amazing ways to experience this area is via kayak on Mendenhall Lake.

How do I get from Juneau to Mendenhall Glacier?

Take The Mendenhall Glacier Shuttle

Since one million cruise ship passengers visit Alaska and Juneau each year, there are daily shuttles to the visitors center during the summer months. Passengers can pick up shuttle buses outside the Roberts Tramway Ticket Office close to the cruise terminal.

How far is Glacier Bay National Park from Juneau?

Just 50 miles northwest of Juneau (25 minutes by air), Glacier Bay is the largest national park in Southeast Alaska, the world's largest protected marine sanctuary, and a World Heritage Site.

Can you walk on glacier in Juneau?

Walking on a glacier in Alaska is an activity that every adventurous traveler should experience firsthand. Juneau is one of the best places for this with many glaciers and different types of excursion options. Looking for the easiest and most affordable way to step foot on a glacier?

Can you still walk on Mendenhall Glacier?

One of the most popular glaciers in Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier can be visited on this privately guided tour. Hike through the Tongass National Forest and around the majestic Mendenhall Glacier on foot.

Can you see whales at Mendenhall Glacier?

You are guaranteed to see whales on this amazing and scenic Juneau whale watching and Mendenhall Glacier tour. Want to get out onto the open Alaskan waters? Our captains and naturalists will take you in search of humpback and killer whales, sea lions, porpoises and so much more!

What do you wear to Mendenhall Glacier?

Come prepared with clothing that is warm even when wet - such as wool and polar fleece - and with items that can be layered. Raingear, hats, gloves and sturdy shoes or hiking boots are strongly recommended.

Can I see the northern lights in Juneau?

Juneau is a wonderful place in Alaska where you can watch the Aurora phenomenon. Go hiking on some of the trails at Juneau to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Better still, kayak off the coast of Juneau to explore the Tongass National Forest or see the still waters of the Mendenhall glacier.

How long does it take to tour Mendenhall Glacier?

The loop will take the average visitor about 2.5 hours to complete but will offer guests an escape from the crowds and different views of the Mendenhall Glacier. We recommend using bug spray as the dense forest can often be full of mosquitos!

Is there a bus from Juneau to Mendenhall Glacier?

Overview. Secure easy and reliable transportation to the Mendenhall Glacier from Juneau with the Blue Bus Glacier Express. Skip the hassle of a rental car and admire views during the bus journey to the glacier.

How much is the bus from Juneau to Mendenhall Glacier?

Capital Transit operates a bus from Glacier Avenue and 9th Street to Mendenhall Loop Road and Dredge Lake Road hourly. Tickets cost $2 and the journey takes 39 min.

What is the closest national park to Juneau?

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve lies west of Juneau, AK and can only be reached by plane or boat. The only road merely connects the small town of Gustavus and its airfield to park headquarters at Bartlett Cove (10 miles).

How long is the ferry from Juneau to Glacier Bay National Park?

Alaska Ferry Service to Gustavus/Glacier Bay!

Gustavus receives ferry service two days per week most of the year. With steady service, and only four-and-a-half hours by ferry from Juneau, it is simple to plan a short few days to this magnificent location, or stay longer to experience more of the nearby natural wonders.

What town is closest to Glacier Bay Alaska?

The Salmon River meanders through town. Gustavus is considered the gateway to Glacier Bay National Park and is located 48 air miles (About a 30 minute flight) west of Alaska's State Capitol, Juneau, in Southeast Alaska.

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