Can I take a bus to Alaska? [Solved] (2022)

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Can I take a Greyhound bus to Alaska?

What companies run services between Greyhound Bus Station, FL, USA and Anchorage, AK, USA? There is no direct connection from Greyhound Bus Station to Anchorage. However, you can take the drive to Tampa airport, fly to Anchorage, take the walk to Airport South Terminal, then take the line 40 bus to Anchorage.... read more ›

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How can I get to Alaska without flying?

With that in mind, here are a few ways to get to Alaska without flying.
  1. Take a cruise ship. Princess Cruises offer seven day cruise between Whittier and Vancouver, British Columbia. ...
  2. Take the ferry. Visit the Alaska Marine Highway web site for more information. ...
  3. Drive.
... read more ›

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Can you take Amtrak to Alaska?

Can I Take A Train To Alaska? Sadly, there is no rail connection through Canada to Alaska, but there are plenty of amazing ways to get here. There are four main ways to reach Alaska. By flying, by cruise ship, using the state ferry system or by driving the Alaska Highway through Canada.... continue reading ›

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Is there a train from USA to Alaska?

The Alaska Railroad is a modern railroad with track stretching 470 miles from Seward to Fairbanks, with stops in top destinations like Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali National Park and Preserve, and more. The Alaska Railroad is famed for its glass-domed rail cars and excellent service.... see more ›

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How much does a bus ticket cost in Alaska?

Fares & Passes
Fare Category (Effective July 1, 2022)Adult (Riders Ages 19 to 59)
Cash Fare (Must have exact change)$1.50
Day Pass (Good for unlimited rides on the day of use. Expires at midnight.)$3.00
Half Month Pass (Available after the 15th of the month)$20.00
Monthly Pass (Good for that calendar month)$40.00
... see details ›

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Is there a bus from Seattle to Anchorage?

The best way to get from Seattle to Anchorage without a car is to bus and car ferry which takes 3 days 11h and costs .... see more ›

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Can you get to Alaska by car without going through Canada?

A.) No, you can not drive all the way to Alaska without going through Canada. However, with the use of the Alaska Marine Highway, you can take your vehicle to Alaska without going through Canada – just a short 97 hours on the ferry.... read more ›

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Can u drive to Alaska without a passport?

Do you need a passport to drive to Alaska? Yes. You will cross the border twice when you go from the U.S. to Canada and then back from Canada into the U.S. Have a valid, up-to-date passport with you for border crossings, even if you have a REAL I.D., since those do not replace passports for international travel.... read more ›

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How much does it cost to go to Alaska by train?

RouteAdventure Class Adult/Child (2-11) (VALUE PRICING)GoldStar Service Adult/Child (2-11) (VALUE PRICING)
Anchorage to Wasilla$55/28$190/112 (B)
Anchorage/Wasilla to Talkeetna$90/45$212/119 (B)
Anchorage/Wasilla to Denali$144/72$287/167 (B) (L)
Anchorage/Wasilla to Fairbanks$205/103$405/242 (B) (L) (D)
12 more rows

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How long is the ferry ride from Seattle to Alaska?

Anchorage Routes

The average time to transport a vehicle ifrom Seattle to Anchorage is 9-11 days and to barge from Anchorage to Seattle is 12 to 14 days.... view details ›

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What month is the best to go to Alaska?

July in Alaska

For many people, the answer to the question “When is the best time to go to Alaska?” is July. With wildlife fully active, all trails accessible, long days and Alaska's warmest average temperatures, July can be the best month to visit Alaska.... view details ›

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Can u get to Alaska by car?

There is only one major road that you can take to drive to Alaska and that is the Alaska Highway. Regardless of where you start in the United States or Canada, you will eventually join the Alaska Highway.... see more ›

Can I take a bus to Alaska? [Solved] (2022)

Can you sleep in your car on Alaska ferry?

Can you sleep in your car on the Alaska Ferry? A: You only have access you your vehicle while the ship is in port or during a pet call. It is for safety purposes that no one is allowed on the car deck once the ship is underway so sleeping in your car is not an option.... view details ›

Can you take a ferry from Seattle to Alaska?

The Alaska state ferry runs from Bellingham WA, around 90 miles north of Seattle. Due to US maritime law, all the cruise ships that sail from Seattle to Alaska only carry passengers on round-trip itineraries.... read more ›

Can you drive from NY to Alaska?

Yes, the driving distance between New York to Alaska is 4449 miles. It takes approximately 3 days 10h to drive from New York to Alaska.... view details ›

Is there a bus system in Anchorage Alaska?

People Mover is a division of the Municipality of Anchorage's Public Transportation Department (PTD) and is the largest public transit provider in the State of Alaska. Our buses hit the road on July 1, 1974 with 39,505 passengers hitching a ride during the first month.... see more ›

Is there a train from Anchorage to Fairbanks?

The Alaska Railroad's flagship train. Every summer morning, the northbound Denali Star Train departs Anchorage for the 356-mile, 12-hour journey to Fairbanks, with stops in Wasilla, Talkeetna and Denali National Park; while in Fairbanks, the southbound Denali Star embarks on the reverse.... continue reading ›

Does Anchorage have a city bus?

People Mover is Anchorage's city bus service, a division of the Municipality of Anchorage's Public Transportation Department. It is Alaska's largest public transit provider, with about 11,600 trips each week.... continue reading ›

How much does it cost to take a train from Seattle to Alaska?

Trains from Seattle to Juneau

The railroad connecting two cities is about 1808 miles. This train trip takes approximately 87 hours. 570 USD is an average train ticket price for the selected route.... view details ›

Is there a bus from Seattle to Alaska?

The best way to get from Seattle to Alaska without a car is to bus and car ferry which takes 3 days 11h and costs .... read more ›

How long is the ferry from Washington to Alaska?

The Alaska Ferry runs 24 hours a day. It takes 36 hours from Bellingham, WA to reach the first stop at Ketchikan. Visitors often disembark in a variety of towns, stay a few nights on land, then continue on the ferry.... view details ›

How can I go to Alaska without going through Canada?

Driving to Alaska. Unfortunately there is no way to drive to Alaska without going through Canada. Alaska is entirely cut off from the rest of America by Canada. The only way to enter Alaska by road is via the Alaska Highway at the Alcan-Beaver Creek Border Crossing on the border between Canada and Alaska.... continue reading ›

How much does it cost to drive from Seattle to Alaska?

Road trip planner

The total cost of driving from Seattle, WA to Anchorage, AK (one-way) is $424.53 at current gas prices.... see more ›

How hard is it to drive to Alaska?

Overall the road conditions along the drive to Alaska are pretty good for such a remote location. The Alaska Highway is all paved and even some of the secondary roads are too. There are occasionally small sections of gravel where a washout repair has happened recently, which could be up to a couple hundred yards.... see more ›

Can felons fly to Alaska?

Alaska options for travelers with records

Cruising isn't the only way to experience Alaska. U.S. travelers with criminal records can, of course, fly there and enjoy a land-based trip.... view details ›

What is the most popular car in Alaska?

What Are the Best Selling Vehicles in Each State?
Top Selling Vehicle By State (2020)#1#2
AlaskaRam 1500-3500Ford F-Series
ArizonaRam 1500-3500Ford F-Series
ArkansasRam 1500-3500Ford F-Series
CaliforniaHonda CivicToyota RAV4
7 more rows
24 Sept 2021

When can I see northern lights in Alaska?

The northern lights occur all four seasons of the year, although they are harder to see under the Midnight Sun. The best time to see the northern lights in Alaska is between August and April, when less daylight leads to darker night skies.... view details ›

Is Alaska expensive?

Unfortunately, Alaska is also known for being one of the most expensive states. As of January 2021, the cost of living in Alaska was 24.09% higher than the national average.... view details ›

Is it expensive to go to Alaska?

You should plan to spend around $195 per day on your vacation in Alaska, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, $45 on meals for one day and $41 on local transportation. Also, the average hotel price in Alaska for a couple is $217.... see details ›

How much does a 7 day Alaskan cruise cost?

A 7-night Alaska Cruise can cost anywhere from $500 per person to $5000+ per person, depending on the type of cruise ship and your choice of stateroom. Alaska land tours with 3-star hotels, train travel, and popular day tours generally cost around $300 per person per day, based on double occupancy.... read more ›

How do I get from Seattle to Anchorage without a flight?

Bus, car ferry
  1. Take the bus from Seattle to Bellingham Amtrak Station.
  2. Take the car ferry from Bellingham, WA to Juneau.
  3. Take the car ferry from Juneau to Whittier.
  4. Take the bus from Whittier Cruise Terminal - Alaska to Anchorage, AK - Museum.
... see details ›

Where do you sleep on the Alaska Ferry?

Sleeping on the Alaska Ferry

You can pretty much sleep anywhere on the ship. There are multiple lounges to choose from. The MV Matanuska had a recliner lounge, a forward lounge, and a mid-ship lounge. Now, there are a few rules.... read more ›

Can u drive from Seattle to Alaska?

On average, depending on the time of the year, the time it takes to travel on the road from Seattle to Alaska is about one week. However, this does not include stops for sightseeing or days in between with no road travel. This travel distance can be split however a traveler wants.... continue reading ›

How many days do you need in Alaska?

The sweet spot for an Alaska vacation is seven to 10 days. If you're traveling on a land tour only, in seven days you can go all the way from Kenai Fjords National Park to Denali National Park with plenty of time for day-long guided excursions along the way.... continue reading ›

What is the cheapest time to visit Alaska?

The Cheapest Time to Visit Alaska

The least expensive time is early November through mid-December. Overall, Anchorage is the least expensive city to stay in and has the most identifiable seasonality curve with midsummer being the most expensive time to go.... view details ›

What is the coldest month in Alaska?

Anchorage's coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 9.3°F.... read more ›

Can we go to Alaska without visa?

A valid passport is required for all non-US and non-Canadian citizens for all Alaska itineraries and a multiple reentry visa (B-2 Visitor's Visa) may be required for foreign cruise passengers sailing from the United States.... see more ›

How far is Alaska from Russia?

Answer: The narrowest distance between mainland Russia and mainland Alaska is approximately 55 miles. However, in the body of water between Alaska and Russia, known as the Bering Strait, there lies two small islands known as Big Diomede and Little Diomede.... see more ›

What months is it dark in Alaska?

What life is really like in an Alaskan town that won't see the sun again until January 23
  • Utqiaġvik, Alaska experiences darkness from November to January every year.
  • The phenomenon is called a polar night.
  • The sun won't rise in Utqiaġvik again until January 23.
8 Nov 2013
... see more ›

Is there a senior rate in Alaska ferry?

Alaska Ferry System, Juneau, AK

Ferries are the most efficient way to travel from island to island in this part of the state. Passengers 65 and older, who are traveling between points on the Alaska Marine Highway or Inside Passage, can enjoy discounted fares on the Alaska Ferry System.... see more ›

Can you drive to Alaska without a Canadian passport?

U.S. citizens flying between another state and Alaska do not need a passport. However, those driving through Canada or traveling on a ferry or cruise ship with stops in Canada are required to carry one.... continue reading ›

Do you need a passport to take a ferry from Washington to Alaska?

Passengers who board an AMHS vessel to travel directly between Bellingham, Washington and any Alaska port are not required to have a passport. Only those passengers disembarking in Canada are required to have a passport.... see details ›

How many hours is a flight from Seattle to Alaska?

The total flight duration from Seattle, WA to Alaska is 3 hours, 21 minutes. This is the average in-air flight time (wheels up to wheels down on the runway) based on actual flights taken over the past year, including routes like SEA to ANC.... view details ›

How far is Seattle from Alaska by plane?

Distance between Seattle, WA (SEA) and Anchorage, AK (ANC)

Flight distance from Seattle to Anchorage (Seattle–Tacoma International Airport – Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport) is 1448 miles / 2331 kilometers / 1259 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 3 hours 14 minutes.... see more ›

What is the most scenic route to Alaska?

A National Scenic Byway and widely hailed as one of the most scenic drives in Alaska, the Seward Highway leaves Anchorage southbound for the Kenai Peninsula, including the cruise ports of Seward and Whittier. The first 40 miles of the trip parallel Turnagain Arm, home for beluga whale, Dall sheep, and many trailheads.... continue reading ›

How do you get to Alaska without flying?

With that in mind, here are a few ways to get to Alaska without flying.
  1. Take a cruise ship. Princess Cruises offer seven day cruise between Whittier and Vancouver, British Columbia. ...
  2. Take the ferry. Visit the Alaska Marine Highway web site for more information. ...
  3. Drive.
... continue reading ›

What's living in Alaska like?

Some Alaskans choose an isolated and independent life in backwoods homesteads. But most live in modern homes, drive cars, watch television, and shop in modern stores. Alaska's larger communities have fast food restaurants, theaters, recreation facilities, modern health care facilities, and the usual city conveniences.... see details ›

Can I drive to Alaska with my dog?

You will need to have a current health certificate and proof of a rabies vaccine. I suggest that you also update any other immunizations such as parvo. There are parvo outbreaks in Alaska. You may also want a kennel cough vaccine if you will be mixing with other pets.... view details ›

Can you sleep on a Greyhound bus?

TIPS for SLEEPING on the GREYHOUND BUS - YouTube... continue reading ›

Why is Greyhound closing down?

The closure of Greyhound last year, owing to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the national lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of the virus, resulted in the loss of 700 jobs.... see details ›

How much luggage can you take on a bus?

Bring 1 carry on bag on the bus with you and store up to 3 bags under the bus.
Baggage allowance at a glance.
Carry-on baggageUnder the bus baggage
One bag up to 25lb (11kg)Up to 3 bags, max 50lb each (22.5kg)
2 more rows

What kind of luggage can you take on Greyhound?

Baggage must not exceed 62 inches (157 cm) when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height). A charge of $15 (depending on the distance traveled) will be applied to any baggage above the 62-inch limit.... see more ›

Can I bring a pillow and a blanket on a Greyhound bus?

A Blanket or Light Jacket

Also, both of them can be balled up and used as a pillow, and they both provide an extra shield of protection between you and the smelly guy sitting next to you. Temperatures on Greyhound buses vary from bus to bus so you always want to be prepared for the bus being Artic-cold.... see details ›

How do you survive a Greyhound bus?

9 Greyhound Bus Tips You Need to Know Before You Travel
  1. Book your tickets early. ...
  2. Arrive at least an hour before departure. ...
  3. And, get in line as quickly as possible. ...
  4. Make your luggage stand out. ...
  5. Sit at the front. ...
  6. Try not to use the bathroom. ...
  7. Follow the driver's rules during stops and transfers.
18 Jul 2017

Do Greyhound buses have showers?

There are no showers at Greyhound bus stations but I've found that taking a few minutes to wipe myself down with a wet washcloth or some wet wipes can do wonders for my body odor and can make me feel 100 times fresher.... read more ›

Does Greyhound still operate in USA?

With its fleet of 1,200 buses, Greyhound shuttles nearly 16 million passengers annually to 2,400 North American destinations. Known primarily for catering to budget-conscious, long-distance travelers, the company also offers charter services for businesses, conventions and schools.... view details ›

Who bought Greyhound 2021?

Oct. 21, 2021, at 1:06 p.m. German transportation company FlixMobility is buying Greyhound's bus operations in the U.S. in order to strengthen its position in the country. The purchase price is $140 million cash plus another $32 million to be paid in installments over 18 months.... read more ›

Will Greyhound come back?

Greyhound is back!

They will resume services on 13 April 2022.... view details ›

What can you take with you on a bus?

The typical size of the overhead compartment in buses is 9x16x20 inches (22.8×40.5×50.8 cm). So, bringing a small suitcase along as a carry-on bag weighing no more than 25 lbs (12 kg) is perfectly fine. Make sure you put your valuables into your carry on or carry them on you to be safe.... continue reading ›

Does Greyhound check your bags?

Do They Search Your Bags on Greyhound? - YouTube... see details ›

Can you bring food on megabus?

Customers are allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages onboard. Passengers are not permitted consume or bring alcoholic beverages onboard. Customers are asked to remove all garbage as a courtesy to other passengers and the operator.... view details ›

How big can my carry-on be on a Greyhound bus?

Greyhound Baggage Allowance and Pricing
Type of BagCarry-OnChecked Bag
StorageBring on busStored under bus
Size LimitMust fit in overhead bin or under seatMax size 62 inches
Weight LimitOne bag up to 25lbsUp to 2 bags, 50lb max each
PriceFree1st bag free, 2nd bag $15
7 May 2022
... see more ›

Does a purse count as a carry-on?

Technically, any piece of luggage that you “carry on” to an airplane is a carry-on bag. Most airlines allow one piece of carry-on luggage or “hand baggage” that can fit in the overhead bin, plus a “personal item” (a smaller purse, computer bag, diaper bag, small backpack, etc.... see details ›

Does Greyhound check bags for alcohol?

Can You BRING/DRINK Alcohol On The GREYHOUND BUS - YouTube... see details ›

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